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Use Our Ready Made Marketing Materials To Promote Our Site And Receive 75% On Every $37 Sale."


Welcome to our affiliate page.

If you would like to promote a high converting product and make a difference in peoples lives then this affiliate program is for you. With nothing else like it on the planet this niche specific product has massive potential for those looking to make an income by promoting other peoples products for a commission.

We pay all of our affiliates 75% on all of our products. You promote one page and our expanding product range and automated marketing set up does the rest!

The market for public speaking is huge and ever expanding. Don't forget also that the market is also very broad. For example public speaking is not for those who want to learn how to speak to a huge audience. What about the dating market for men. If you are involved in that market then this is also the ideal product for your customers as everyone knows that women love men who are confident speakers,  indeed I have provided some banners for that market below.

There are many other markets out there that you can cross sell this product to. I have also provided banners for the overcoming shyness market if you're involved in it.

The first thing you need as is your affiliate link. We use Clickbank.com as our affiliate provider. They will pay you every two weeks the commissions you earn promoting our web site

Absolute Requirement: You must sign up as a ClickBank affiliate to get your affiliate ‘nickname’ ID.

If you don’t already have a ClickBank ID, you can get one FREE in less than 60 seconds just by clicking here.

Once you have your ClickBank affiliate 'nickname' ID, you are ready to get started. Just replace where you see ‘nickname’ below with your ClickBank affiliate 'nickname'.

This will ensure you get proper credit for all the sales you make!

Affiliate Link

Here is the standard ClickBank affiliate referral link for our site:


Be sure to REPLACE the 'nickname' with your ClickBank affiliate 'nickname' so you get your well deserved affiliate commissions!

Affiliate Recruitment:

If you are a especially skilled in the area of finding affiliates, then Clickbank has recently introduced a new 2 tier affiliate system. This will enable you to earn commissions on sales made by the affiliates that you recruit. Meaning that you can make money as the middle man. Here's an illustration of how it works.

With the normal 1 tier affiliate system, earnings work like this:


Affiliate: 75% per sale made

Vendor (me): 25% per sale made


But with the new 2 tier affiliate system, you can also get commissions for finding affiliates for Colossal Public Speaking, In which case the earnings will work like this:


Affiliate (that you recruit): 75% per sale made

Affiliate Recruiter (you): 5% per sale made (negotiable)

Vendor (me): 25% per sale made

As a general rule I offer 5% of the entire sale to Affiliate Recruiters. However, this is negotiable to a higher percentage (10% or maybe even 15%) if you can show your credibility as a Super affiliate recruiter.

If this interests you then you will need to contact me (with "Affiliate Recruitment" in the subject box) as it is not an automated process. But don't worry it's not difficult or time consuming. You just need to give me your affiliate nickname (you will need one, see above), I will set it up for you and then you will receive an email asking for confirmation. You will then receive your unique link which you would give to your affiliates to sign up from. That's it, now enjoy your commissions.

For for information on how this works please visit this Clickbank page and scroll down to the part which says "Setting Up an Affiliate Referral Contract"

Please note: When you contact me for this, remember to send my any relevant information regarding your skill in this area. Newbies are welcome to join this 2 tier system but only the more skilled can earn a higher percentage (This can always be increased later by the way).

Okay now back to Affiliate marketing.....

Email Marketing:

The best way to promote Colossal Public Speaking is via an email list rather than directly. i.e. get peoples email addresses and offer them free quality material on a weekly (or more often) basis. After you have then built up trust with them you can then offer them this product. Your conversions will be much higher that way.

The best way to do this, is to purchase private label rights (PLR) to public speaking articles and use them as content for your email newsletter (a quick Google search should yield results). They can normally be purchased for less than $5 for 30+ different articles and are usually of good quality. Please check their terms of use before purchasing, and make sure the rights will allow you to send them via email auto responder (most will. If in doubt, contact the seller). Also please remember to edit the content of the PLR articles to ensure uniqueness and maximum quality.

Of course you could also write them yourselves from scratch if your writing skills are up to it.

Below is a sample email template that you can use to promote Colossal Public Speaking to your list.

I have provided you with Three different subject lines to choose from, you can also use your own. Please feel free to alter the body text in any way you see fit.

(The bold text is for reference only. Not to insult your intelligence but you would not put anything in bold below, into the email you would send to your list)
Subject Line 1: An Uncomfortable Truth About Public Speaking

Subject Line 2: Shocking New Public Speaking Information

Subject Line 3: Newbie Public Speakers Are Blown Away By This....

Body Text:

Hi (Their First name)

I just came across a fascinating website on the subject of Public speaking. The report and videos that you can view, talk about the reasons why so few people are successful at public speaking, and how there's a new solution to it that very few wannabe speakers are aware of. It won't take you long to read through but could save you hours of wasted time and hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars trying to find solutions that will never work.

Check it out here:

(Your affiliate link)

Speak soon
(Your name)


Video links:

Do you have a video online (on Youtube for example) which is getting a high number of views? Why waste those views? Why not turn them into commissions (remember that it's a 75% commission to you)?

It's very easy (about a 5 minute job). Just sign up to Clickbank as an affiliate via the link above (It's a very straight forward process as you'll see).

Then get your own custom affiliate link for this site (as above)

(It's recommended that you shorten your affiliate URL by Using a redirect of one of your own domains or using the very simple program Tiny URL. This makes the hyperlink more appealing to click for the Viewer)

You then go to your video and put your hyperlink into top of the description box (don't forget to make sure that the link begins with http:// otherwise it may not be clickable)

And finally Add an annotation box (and set it to pop up a few seconds into the video and have it continue to nearly or right the way to the end) with text in it giving the view an incentive to click. For example for a video directly related to public speaking:

Learn How To Avoid Humiliating Yourself With Your Public Speaking Efforts!! FREE Videos. CLICK link in the description box BELOW v v v

(The v  v  v 's make the viewers less confused)

Here's an illustration:

And don't forget that you do not need to have a video directly related to public speaking to promote Colossal Public Speaking.

Cross selling is also a very good way to make sales. For example if you had a video about confidence then you could show them what good public speaking can do for them.

You will probably want to change the text in the annotation box to suit your typical viewers of that particular video.

The key is to make them aware of a problem they never knew they had.

Remember your success is my success and by putting your affiliate link into your videos we both succeed and you get a massive 75% of each sale made.


Selling direct is harder but can still be very lucrative if done correctly and of course has the advantage of allowing you to earn commissions instantly.

Here are some promotional materials you can use to promote our web site. You will need unzipping software to access the materials. If you haven't already got it on your on your computer you can download free unzipping software at www.winzip.com To download simply right click on the link below and select 'Save Target As'. We suggest you save the zip file somewhere which is easy to find such as your desktop.

Marketing Materials

Simply add one of the banners to your web site or use your own email promotions to promote the site to your list (highly recommended).

Dating for men Market banners

Overcoming shyness Market banners

Thanks for joining and good luck (not that you'll need it!).




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