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The Next Step



Congratulations for making it this far. Believe it or not, I will have lost most of the visitors to this site, since I revealed the first secret step towards public speaking success.


Why? Because I know how the ego ridden mind works. People won't like me telling them that they just need to practice private speaking and become an expert at that first.


 What they want me to tell them, is that there is single magic technique, that will destroy all their worries and magically transform them, into a super speaker who gets a standing ovation every time.


And when they hear that they need to do something as simple as talk to themselves, they just reject it as too trivial, and their ego's will just keep giving them a ton of reasons not to even try it.



Well done for getting this far



If you're still here, then that's a good sign. It means you accept that you need to fight your ego and start with the basics. You may have even given the first exercise a go. If you haven't, then don't worry, as I'm not expecting you to have done. Just know that it will have to be done before you move on to this...


I'm now going to reveal to you, the next step towards your ultimate goal.



Talking to a critic



This step is more difficult. Not the act of actually doing it, but finding someone who will be the most useful for you. I.e. someone who will tell you what's right and wrong with your presentation.


The reason this step is tricky, is because you need to find someone who gets the balance between encouragement and criticism just right.


This is the task that I personally found particularly tough. When I first started (before I even attempted to speak privately) I would try to give presentations in front of my family.


What did they do?


Of course they just kept telling me how great I was, despite the fact that I couldn't complete a sentence out loud. (This is why I generally advise against family members, for the reason that they're too nice)



Yes men are NO GOOD to you




I then tried it with some friends, they were no better. In fact one of them just treated it like a joke and didn't take it at all seriously. Needless to say he's no longer a friend.


Later however, I did find a friend who was already quite a good speaker. He told me straight that I needed to go back to basics and practice by myself. (The private speaking techniques I covered on the previous page)


Once I became a good private speaker, I then contacted him again and did the same thing (my nerves were much less, than when I first spoke in front of him). He was amazed at my progress but he still told me where I needed improvement (It's amazing what you miss when you're speaking to yourself).




The other extreme - The overly critical



I've not really had too much experience with people who are too critical, but we all know what they're like. The kind of people who just tell you how bad it is and make you feel really uncomfortable and like you're being heavily judged. They just shoot you down at every opportunity (and are proud of it). You feel under so much pressure that you just want it to end.


No good at all. Useful constructive criticism is the key in a good critique. Not the destructive soul destroying type.


Please watch this video for more details of this step



You now know more than the vast majority of wannabe public speakers out there and if you actually do the two exercises that I've showed you, you'll soon be well on the way to speaking success. But there's more....


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James Greenward 2012