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Your First Step....


As I've already stated. If you continue down your current path of just reading more and more on the subject of public speaking...


Then it's extremely unlikely that you will ever succeed...EVER!!


There is, however, another option. An option that most public speaking wannabes out there don't even know exists...


The option I chose, which turned me from a shy introvert (that word makes me cringe to this day) into the highly confident speaker I am today. Do you want to know what it is?


Well if you answered yes then here we go.




Why this new method succeeds where others have failed



Earlier I showed you how your ego is constantly sabotaging your speaking efforts. And that is the problem with nearly all the public speaking guides out there today. They don't take into consideration. your ego ridden mind. WHY?


Because the chances are that the authors of these books either have never spoken in public in their entire lives, or (more likely)...


They are great public speakers themselves but were never afraid of public speaking to any great extent. And this is the important point. Most expert speakers have never had any real problems with shyness or any form of social anxiety, and therefore have no idea of how an average person can overcome it. This is what I discovered which forced me to change my plans.


This is one of the biggest myths that people are taught to believe in, in this world. The people who've actually done it are the best people to teach you.



This is only Half true




You've heard the joke proverb which states...


"Those who can, do. Those that can't, teach"


Well here's a truth which few people know...


"Those who can, often can't teach"


The fact is that most successful speakers don't understand what it's like to be paralysed by shyness and social anxieties, because they never had them to start with.


This is what makes this my system different to most of the others out there. I have indeed mastered public speaking, but I also know how to teach it in a way that the average person understands (because I am one). I teach you how to get past the your biggest hurdle, your social anxieties.



You need to take the path which will enable you to overcome your shyness and beat your ego 



And that's what you've found on this site, the secret roadmap to overcoming your social anxieties and beat your ego to make your journey towards expert public speaking, successful.


What I'm about to reveal to you is the first step towards speaking success. You'll be shocked at how simple this is, and it's very likely that your ego will try to make you leave this page right now. Please don't do this, because if you're honest with yourself you'll see just how vital it is.


Are you ready?



You need to start speaking out loud in Private!!




 "What?" (you say to yourself)

"Is that it?"

"The big secret"

" Are you telling me that all I need to do is start speaking to myself. Are you crazy? I can already speak to myself."


Is that what you're saying to yourself right now? Well let me ask you this question.


When you're on your own (with no one else around), can you deliver a good clear speech?


You may say Yes or No. If it's the latter then at least you're honest. If you said Yes, then I have a challenge for you. Go into a private space (e.g. your car) and try and give a presentation to an imaginary audience.


And I mean a proper, loud and clear speech. Anyone can mutter under their breath. But it takes skill to give a clear and precise speech.


Did you give it a try?


Not as easy as you thought right? Do you really think that speaking to an audience will be any better?



That's why it's vital that you take

 this first step seriously.

Get the basics right before

you tackle the big challenges





By the way, please don't fool yourself by thinking that it'll be alright on the night or any think like that. That's just your ego talking again. IGNORE IT


Okay now to the exercise (you don't have to do this right now, but know that you will need to start soon)...


Think of a subject you're both passionate an knowledgeable about . Now whenever you're in a private location (e.g. your car), start practicing giving that speech out loud (don't let it distract  you from your driving though) and make sure your voice is clear and natural.


If you don't make mistakes then maybe you don't need to read on at all. You will make mistakes and plenty of them. Do you think that I didn't?


When I started doing this I could barely complete whole sentences. But after short (yes short) time I was then able to give a whole speech to myself as it was now just natural to me.


Mistakes don't matter. When you make them just start again without beating yourself up.


Be warned though. Your ego will continue to try and trick you into giving up. Just ignore it and keep going.


This short video will explain this in more detail and show you how your ego will try and stop you dead in your tracks.



I hope that you can see just how important this first step is right now. Before you even attempt public speaking, you first need to become an expert private speaker. Learn to walk before you learn to run.


You need to make this part of your life. Get used to speaking clearly and accurately in your everyday life. It will then become second nature to you.


Now I'm going to show you the 2nd step towards your public speaking success....




Click Here To Discover The Next Step Towards Public Speaking Success >>


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James Greenward 2012